How unequal? Insights on inequality


CEDA will release a report in April 2018 which will examine key ideas and concepts of inequality, including inequality of opportunity and the future of inequality. 
Democracies depend on a high degree of social cohesion and a broad consensus that the benefits of growth are reasonably distributed through the society. 

Inequality drives a wedge between those seen to be benefiting from economic policies and growth and those who are not, which in turn can undermine social cohesion.

Reducing and/or low levels of social cohesion can erode support for policy settings, reforms and institutions, and can contribute to adverse societal outcomes including for example, increased crime or political instability.

Significant inequality can also weigh on future economic performance and prosperity, with unequal income and employment outcomes potentially adversely impacting capital, skills formation and productivity.

Inequality receives a lot of air time in the political arena. Much of it is focused
on particular measures of inequality of incomes, of wages, or of wealth over various timeframes.

CEDA's How unequal? Insights into inequality aims to better understand inequality as an economic concept and the potential inequality challenges Australia faces in the future.

Authors and chapters

Inequality and fairness
Dr Simon Longstaff AO FCPA, Executive Director The Ethics Centre 

Measuring inequality
Associate Professor Nicholas Rohde, Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics Griffith University & Professor Lars Osberg, McCulloch Professor of Economics, Dalhousie University, Halifax 

Education inequality
Laura Perry, Associate Professor of Education policy and comparative education, Murdoch University 

Employment inequality
Professor Alison Sheridan, Professor of Management, UNE Business School 

Geographical inequality
Patricia Faulkner AO, Chair Jesuit Social Services 

Intergenerational inequality
Professor Peter Whiteford, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU & Associate Professor Ben Phillips, Principal Research Fellow, Centre for Social Research & Methods, ANU 

Distributional impacts of future opportunities
Nicholas Davis, Head of Society and Innovation, World Economic Forum 

Report launch and events

How unequal? Insights on inequality will be launched in Melbourne on 20 April 2018, with an event in Sydney on the same day and events to follow in Brisbane, Townsville, Perth, and Adelaide. 

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