Recent research


Since 1960, CEDA has produced more than 3000 publications, research reports and articles.

2017 research 

In 2017, CEDA's research focused on outbound investment, the services sector, housing affordability, and the impact on policy which emerge from geopolitical events.

Outbound investment | April 2017

CEDA released a report in April 2017 which assessed whether Australia has the right institutional setting to support an outbound focus for business, and discuss case studies of successful foreign investments by Australian businesses.

Improving service sector productivity: the economic imperative | June 2017

CEDA released a research report in June 2017 that examined the economic consequences of Australia’s productivity performance in the service sector. 

Housing Australia | August 2017

CEDA released a research report on 28 August 2017 on the issue of housing.

Australia's place in the world | November 2017

CEDA released a research report in November 2017 which will consider the economic effects felt in Australia from policy decisions which emerge from geopolitical events.

2016 research 

In 2016, CEDA's publications focused on Australia's economic future, budget repair options, the role of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector in meeting the skills required for Australia's growth, and the economic consequences of the migration program for Australia.

Deficit to balance: budget repair options | March 2016

CEDA released a policy perspective in March 2016 which examined how Australia can balance the books and repair the budget.

Australia's economic future: agenda for growth | June 2016

CEDA released this major research report on 14 June 2016,  which examines reforms to address the current economic and social challenges of Australia. Australia’s economic future: agenda for growth, presents a range of policy reforms that an incoming government of either persuasion could adopt.  

VET: securing skills for growth | August 2016

CEDA released a research report in August 2016, which examines the role of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in meeting the skills required for Australia's growth. CEDA seeks to assess the current outcomes of the sector and propose ways the VET system could be improved in order to meet the skills Australia will require for growth.

Migration: the economic debate | November 2016

CEDA released a research report in November 2016 which examines the economic consequences of the migration program for Australia and the effectiveness of the migration program itself.

2015 research 

In 2015, CEDA's publications focused on Australia's global business networks, funding retirement income, the future workforce of Australia and examining issues associated with the economics of disadvantage.

Addressing entrenched disadvantage in Australia | April 2015

Addressing entrenched disadvantage in Australia examines issues associated with the economics of disadvantage.

Australia's future workforce? | June 2015

CEDA's major research report for 2015, Australia's future workforce? examines what jobs and skills Australia needs to develop to ensure the economy continues to grow and diversify

The super challenge of retirement income policy | September 2015

The super challenge of retirement income policy, examines the economic impacts of Australia's ageing population and decreasing housing affordability.

Global networks: transforming how Australia does business | November 2015

Global networks: transforming how Australia does business, examines the importance of global connectedness to Australia's future prosperity.

2014 research 

In 2014, CEDA's research publications focused on topics including the G20, the economic impact of climate change, the advanced manufacturing sector in Australia and the Federation. 

Advanced manufacturing | April 2014  

Released on 30 April 2014, CEDA's report, Advanced Manufacturing: Beyond the production line, examines the potential of advanced manufacturing as a source of income and employment to contribute to Australia's future prosperity.

G20 | August 2014

CEDA's policy perspective, Australia's Brisbane Summit challenge: Securing G20's future, examines the role, effectiveness and processes associated with the G20, specifically looking at international governance, financial regulation and taxation regulation. 

Federalism | October 2014 

CEDA's policy perspective, A Federation for the 21st Century, examines the efficiency of federation in Australia, identifies issues with the current system and makes reform recommendations to improve the system.

2013 research 

In 2013, CEDA research publications focused on topics including women in leadership, healthcare, Australia's public policy directions and the optimising national prosperity.

Australia Adjusting: Optimising national prosperity | November 2013

CEDA's major research report for 2013, Australia Adjusting: Optimising national prosperity, explores how Australia can remain competitive into the future. It calls for the establishment of a National Productivity Policy as well as reforms to the taxation system, the Federation (to reduce overlap), industrial relations policies and education.

Healthcare: Reform or ration | April 2013

CEDA's publication Healthcare: Reform or ration explores Australia's biotechnology industry, the skills required to enable healthcare innovation and the fiscal challenges Australia's healthcare system faces. It also provides recommendations for improving the pricing of generic drugs in Australia, potentially saving billions in healthcare spending by government.

Reinventing the Regions | March 2013

In March 2013 CEDA, together with Regional Development Victoria, released a report that documents the findings from the series of events held in 2011-2012 across Victoria. This report provides an overview of the changes taking place in five of Victoria's regional economies, key policy and economic themes that emerged from discussions throughout the series of events, case studies from regional businesses and five individual event summaries.

Setting Public Policy | August 2013

CEDA's publication Setting Public Policy sets out a practical approach for making meaningful change in public policy. CEDA used its unique relationship with politicians, advocates and policy advisers to draw together practical and personal experience on successful economic reform in Australia.

Women in Leadership: Understanding the gender gap | June 2013

CEDA's publication Women in Leadership: Understanding the gender gap explores a broad range of gender diversity issues, including barriers to career progression, the gender pay and participation gap, tax incentives and childcare, workplace diversity, and hidden cultural and unconscious barriers. It makes recommendations on enabling workplace meritocracies, changing workplace culture, and engaging leaders and introducing accountability.

2012 research 

In 2012, CEDA research publications focused on the topics of population, water and energy, and climate policy. CEDA's 2012 publications include:

A Greater Australia: Population, Policies and Governance | March 2012

Australia's Energy Options: Renewables and efficiency | May 2012

Australia's Unconventional Energy Options | September 2012

The opportunity of crisis: A water reform agenda | October 2012

Australia's Energy Options: Policy choice not economic inevitability | November 2012