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CEDA report calls for government tenders to require innovation to find new manufacturing sweet spot

Government tenders for major projects should require Australian made new-to-world technology that drives innovation, rather than accepting off-the-shelf products, which will help replace lost traditional manufacturing jobs, according to research being released by CEDA. Read more…


Housing key to smooth transition for economy

Australia is not in a housing bubble and housing will be the key to a smooth transition to non-mining sectors for our economy in 2014, according to forecasts in CEDA's 2014 Economic and Political Overview (EPO) publication being released today. Read more…


Former CEDA Governor and director recognised in Order of Australia honours list

A former CEDA director and a former CEDA governor were recognised in this year's Order of Australia honours list. Read more…


Big Issues survey results: Tax reform needed now, broaden GST base key results

Results of the CEDA/Business Spectator 2013 Big Issues survey have revealed that the almost daily announcements by the Federal Government of reviews and inquiries should be replaced by leadership to enact the reforms needed. Read more…


MEDIA RELEASE: Industry subsidies should be phased out, loans made available

A National Productivity Policy (NPP) to review government regulation, pricing and licencing arrangements and phase out industry subsidies must be established, according to CEDA's latest research out today. Read more…


MEDIA RELEASE: Australia’s competitiveness ranking steadies, but economy viewed poorly

Australia's decline in world competitiveness has steadied, slipping one place from 15 to 16, but the results highlight a disconnect between perceptions of the economy held by Australian business and our international ranking, although there are some dark clouds gathering. Read more…


Media Release: Policy uncertainty hindering renewables

Stable policy and better targeted support to help industry develop and invest in the right emerging renewable technologies are key issues that must be addressed, CEDA, Chief Executive, Professor the Hon Stephen Martin said today. Read more…


Media Release: Congestion charging an option for Perth

A new CEDA paper released today is calling for Perth to consider congestion charging to avoid the gridlock strangling other Australian capital cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Read more…


Does size matter? New CEDA report calls for discussion on the complex issues around population

A new Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) report released today is calling for changes in how Australia manages population change, to ensure smooth delivery of services and infrastructure. Read more…


CEDA media release: CEDA puts the forgotten issues of climate policy back on the agenda

A research paper highlighting key flaws with the current climate policy options has been released today by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA). Read more…


Total Pages: 8