2018 Economic and political overview in Brisbane

2018 Economic and Political Overview in Brisbane

Feb 16
CEDA’s Economic and Political Overview brings together leaders of businesses, communities, policy and politics for frank analysis of the coming year.


Michael Blythe, Chief Economist and Managing Director, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Dr Jim Chalmers MP, Federal Shadow Minister for Finance
Melinda Cilento, Chief Executive, CEDA

Event overview

At the beginning of a new year CEDA’s Economic and Political Overview (EPO) provides trusted analysis, forecasts and the full picture for your work in 2018.

In many sectors locally and nationally there are high expectations of 2018 as a turnaround year. A shift in reform thinking is already in play, pressurising demand for good public policy and better economic outcomes. Both government and business strategy is increasingly reliant on information accuracy, data mining and digital intelligence; the same tools which are redefining stakeholder, customer and voter influence.

Against this backdrop CEDA’s 2018 EPO in Brisbane brings together leading national economists, big data analysts, thinkers and commentators to cut through, present their forecasts and to respond to your questions.

By attending, you, your colleagues and guests will be fully briefed on where we are in the political and economic cycle and on the issues that will shape the coming year. All attendees will receive a copy of CEDA's 2018 EPO report.

(In addition to the EPO forum in Brisbane on Friday 16 February, CEDA will present the 2018 EPO lunch in Townsville on Friday 23 February.)

Meet the speakers

Michael Blythe
Chief Economist and Managing Director, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Michael monitors, analyses and forecasts trends in the Australian economy. With more than 30 years’ experience in economic policy and financial-markets he leads significant research and provides macroeconomic analysis advice. He was previously Senior Economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Dr Jim Chalmers MP
Federal Shadow Minister for Finance

Jim has been a member of the Shadow Cabinet since 2015. He as a PhD in political science and international relations; has previously served as Chief of Staff to a Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer; and as Executive Director of the Chifley Research Centre.

Melinda Cilento
Chief Executive, CEDA

Melinda Cilento is an economist, experienced executive and company director. She has served as a Commissioner with the Productivity Commission, in senior roles in Federal Treasury and as Chief Economist and Deputy CEO and at the Business Council of Australia.

Dr Tim Fountaine
Partner, McKinsey & Company

Tim’s contribution to CEDA’s 2018 Economic and Political Overview report examines the future of data mining and business intelligence. Tim’s work with McKinsey spans the globe. In Australia he leads QuantumBlack, McKinsey’s specialist analytics team.

Dr Nicholas Gruen
Director, Lateral Economics

Nicholas Gruen is an economist, entrepreneur and commentator on society and innovation.  He chaired San Francisco based data analytics platform Kaggle.com and is patron of the Australian Digital Alliance. He has been described as ‘Australia’s foremost public intellectual’ and authored CEDA’s 2006 tax reform report.

Michele Levine
Chief Executive Officer, Roy Morgan Research

Few people have more accurate data on media, consumer and political trends than Michele Levine.  She is a pioneer of big data analytics in Australia, a trusted advisor to government and the private sector and believes in the empowering value of information.