Trust through transparency?

Trust through transparency?

Nov 20
As executive director of the Water Services Association of Australia, Adam Lovell brings various stakeholders together to lead industry-wide approaches to national water issues.


Adam Lovell, Executive Director, Water Services Association of Australia

Event overview

Urban water businesses around the world are moving into an era of unprecedented customer and community engagement and accountability. At the same time the electricity market in Australia is front page news and policy debate is mired in party politics. Overseas the UK Labour Party now have a policy of renationalisation of utilities on the back of community disquiet about the transparency of the privatised UK water industry. In this context many water businesses are pro actively trying to understand the customer and community value of their services within the right policy and regulatory settings. At a national level the recent Productivity Commission review of the National Water Initiative correctly identified areas requiring further work. These forces combined create positive opportunities for urban water businesses to create value beyond taps and toilets.

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Meet the keynote speaker

Adam Lovell
Executive Director, Water Services Association of Australia

Adam Lovell is the Executive Director at the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA). WSAA is the peak body for the urban water industry and its members provide urban water services to over 90% of Australia and New Zealand's population. Adam provides national leadership in policy positions for the Australian urban water sector and facilitates collaboration within the water utility sector. Previous to joining WSAA in 2008, Adam was at Sydney Water for 11 years in leadership roles in the Science, Technology and Research area. Adam currently holds a number of non-executive Board member roles including: the Australian WaterSecure Innovation, the Global Water Research Coalition and the Water Environment and Research Foundation (USA). Adam holds a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry and a Masters of Environmental Engineering Science from the University of Sydney.

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