Outbound investment - the role for economic growth

Outbound investment - the role for economic growth

May 4
As developing economies increasingly generate global economic growth, the importance of Asian economies and Western Australia's connectedness to them has never been greater. Join us to explore CEDA's latest research report into how outbound investment facilitates access to these important markets.


Diane Smith-Gander, Non-Executive Director, Wesfarmers, AGL
The Hon. Dr Craig Emerson, Managing Director, Craig Emerson Economics
Andrew Parker, Partner Asia Practice, PwC

Event overview

Investment offshore and the internationalising of operations has positive implications for the competitiveness of Western Australian businesses domestically and internationally.

Opportunities to create economies of scale, reduce logistics costs and access a rapidly growing customer base can help shift the capability of the workforce toward more highly skilled jobs and create new roles in the domestic economy. This is a key priority identified for the new WA government.

CEDA invites you to join a high-level audience from across sectors to hear from those investing in global markets and from thought leaders.

Issues to be discussed include:

  • The current state of play for Western Australia’s outbound investment;
  • Potential areas for increasing direct and portfolio investment; and
  • How Western Australia can capitalise on the next stage of globalisation and assist business investing overseas.

These discussions will be supported by the release of CEDA’s latest policy perspective, Outbound investment. This publication includes contributions from some of Australia’s leading business and policy thought leaders on international trade and investment.

Meet the keynote speaker

Diane Smith-Gander
Non-Executive Director, Wesfarmers, AGL

Meet the speakers

The Hon. Dr Craig Emerson
Managing Director, Craig Emerson Economics

Andrew Parker
Partner Asia Practice, PwC

Ian Satchwell
Senior Fellow, Perth USAsia Centre

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