Advanced Manufacturing: Beyond the production line

Advanced Manufacturing: Beyond the production line

May 2
Limited places available, to register please contact Cassandra Macgowan on 08 6104 7103.


Jeff Connolly, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Siemens
Zoran Angelkovski, Managing Director, META
Steven Landry, Managing Director, ATCO Australia
David Singleton, Chief Executive Officer, Poseidon Nickel

Event overview

Manufacturing is a vital industry, particularly in Western Australia where it is contributed 5.2 per cent in 2011-12 to the state economy making it the third highest industry.

Yet Australia's manufacturing sector has been in long-term decline. Rising labour costs and the strong dollar have turned Australia into a high-cost operating environment. With international competition becoming more intense, we are no longer able to compete on price. This is evidenced in the demise of Australia's car manufacturing industry.

Question to be addressed at this event include :

  • Can Australia transition to a new manufacturing paradigm focused on highly specialised, innovation-intensive sectors such as mining, engineering and aerospace?
  • Can the manufacturing sector once again grow to become a significant contributor to the national economy, or is Australian manufacturing an industry of the past?

All guests will receive a complimentary copy of Advanced Manufacturing: Beyond the production line.

Meet the keynote speaker

Jeff Connolly
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Siemens

Meet the speakers

Zoran Angelkovski
Managing Director, META

Steven Landry
Managing Director, ATCO Australia

Meet the facilitator

David Singleton
Chief Executive Officer, Poseidon Nickel

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