Renewables forum with Minister Greg Hunt

Renewables forum with Minister Greg Hunt

Mar 21
Online registration for this event has now closed. For further information please contact Ricky Papara on 03 9652 8414.


The Hon. Greg Hunt MP, Federal Minister for the Environment
Mike Cleary, Chief Operating Officer, Australian Energy Market Operator
Stephen Davy, Chief Executive Officer, Hydro Tasmania
Tim Nelson, Head of Economic Policy and Sustainability, AGL Energy

Event overview

Australia's transition to a low carbon future presents both enormous challenges and opportunities to the energy industry. The role of renewables in the energy mix is under increasing pressure, as variables related to a vague demand outlook, significant regulatory uncertainty and a dearth of investor activity compound to paint an uncertain picture for the future of the sector.

At this CEDA forum we will conduct in-depth discussions across two key areas:

Integrating renewables in the energy market - If low energy demand growth is the new norm, questions are being raised as to how to integrate renewables into the energy market, attract investment and manage risk. This session will present a wide ranging discussion on:

  • Whether the market is headed towards over-capacity and how it will guarantee reliability, security and sustainability.
  • What the recent AEMO report tells us about the potential cost and feasibility of transitioning to 100% renewables.
  • The barriers to high-emission generators exiting the market and whether contracts for closure should be revisited.
  • What are the implications of increased use of distributed generation on the NEM?
  • Does the King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project provide a window to our renewable energy future?

Attracting investment, managing risk - More recently, policy uncertainty appears to have stalled potential investment decisions worth billions of dollars.  As the global energy mix transitions to renewable energy sources, is Australia in danger of being too complacent? This session will ask:

  • What is the impact of regulatory risk and uncertainty and what are the priorities for government in enabling an attractive investment environment?
  • How will innovative financing programs, low-interest funding and government investment support the viability of new projects?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities for international and institutional investors?

Join CEDA members, industry leaders and stakeholders for this pivotal discussion on Australia's renewable energy future.

Meet the keynote speaker

The Hon. Greg Hunt MP
Federal Minister for the Environment

Meet the speakers

Mike Cleary
Chief Operating Officer, Australian Energy Market Operator

Stephen Davy
Chief Executive Officer, Hydro Tasmania

Tim Nelson
Head of Economic Policy and Sustainability, AGL Energy

Garry Weaven
Chair, IFM Investors

Greg Bourne
Chair, Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)

Miles George
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Infigen Energy

Andrew Thomson
Managing Director, Acciona Energy

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