Digital health

Digital health

Nov 2
CEDA welcomes the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Digital Health Agency, Tim Kelsey as he discusses the vision and opportunities highlighted in the just-released national digital health strategy.


Tim Kelsey, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Digital Health Agency
Sir David Higgins, Executive Chairman, High Speed2
Dr Louise Schaper PhD FACHI CHIA, Chief Executive Officer, Health Informatics Society of Australia
Richard Royle, National Digital Health Leader, PwC

Event overview

Australia is expected to have the highest participation rate in a national health record system in the world by 2018, creating enormous opportunities for health consumers, healthcare providers and technologies.

Join CEDA and industry leaders as we take a closer look at the key strategic priority outcomes to be achieved by 2022 and the new digitally-enabled models of care that will transform Australia's health system.

Meet the keynote speaker

Tim Kelsey
Chief Executive Officer, Australian Digital Health Agency

Tim Kelsey is Chief Executive of the Australian Digital Health Agency which is responsible for all national digital health services and systems, with a focus on engagement, innovation and clinical quality and safety.
He was formerly National Director for Patients and Information in NHS England – a role which combined the functions of chief technology and information officer with responsibility for patient and public participation. He took up the post in 2012 after serving as the British government's first Executive Director of Transparency and Open Data.

Meet the speaker

Sir David Higgins
Executive Chairman, High Speed2

Meet the panel

Dr Louise Schaper PhD FACHI CHIA
Chief Executive Officer, Health Informatics Society of Australia

As leader of Australia’s peak body for digital health, Dr Louise Schaper is a passionate advocate for the transformation of healthcare. Committed to the improvement of health outcomes enabled through innovative uses of technology and information, she has a global reputation in health informatics and digital health and is shaping a new future for HISA.

Richard Royle
National Digital Health Leader, PwC

Richard Royle is a partner at PwC and the national and regional digital health lead. He has over 30 years of senior executive experience in the public, for profit and not for profit private hospital sectors in Australia.

Don Frater
Deputy Chief Executive, SA Health

Don Frater has worked in and around government for more than 25 years. He has recently joined the 37,000 staff working for SA Health where he is working on a reform agenda to deliver better financial results whilst improving clinical outcomes for patients.

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