Addressing entrenched disadvantage in Australia-SA

Addressing entrenched disadvantage in Australia-SA

Apr 29
The economics of inequality and entrenched disadvantage in Australia are of growing concern. The social and economic cost and resulting constraints to growth demands new thinking and new approaches.


Anne Hampshire, Head of Advocacy and Research, The Smith Family
Peter Sandeman, Chief Executive Officer, Anglicare

Event overview

Despite Australia's rich and thriving economy, there are a significant number of individuals and communities in Australia who continue to experience disadvantage. Disadvantage has significant implications for our economy, and therefore all Australians.

CEDA's report, Addressed Entrenched Disadvantage in Australia, will focus on three key groups - individuals with poor education levels, indigenous communities and people living with mental health issues - and will discuss issues including:

  • The nature and extent of disadvantage;
  • The cost and impact of disadvantage; and
  • Ways to address long-term and chronic disadvantage

Report authors and policy commentators will discuss the report's recommendations for addressing entrenched disadvantage and breaking the poverty cycle.

All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Addressed Entrenched Disadvantage in Australia. Register now.

Meet the speakers

Anne Hampshire
Head of Advocacy and Research, The Smith Family

Anne has over 20 years' experience working across the community and government sectors, including at national, state and regional and local levels. She has researched and written in a range of areas, including children, young people and families, unemployment, social capital and rural and regional communities. Anne has contributed to the development of a range of initiatives aimed at addressing disadvantage, including for young people, families and communities.

Peter Sandeman
Chief Executive Officer, Anglicare

The Rev'd Peter Sandeman has extensive experience working in the community sector, Government and the Anglican Church both on a national stage and in South Australia. Previously Peter has been Chief Executive of Anglicare NSW South, NSW West and ACT, a multi-service agency focussing on aged care, early education, out-of-home-care, disability services, homelessness services and community development in Canberra and across rural and remote two-thirds of NSW.

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