Globally competitive industries

Globally competitive industries

Feb 13
They are working across northern Australia, in space, in international markets, in labs and in traditional industries around the country. Dr Heather Smith PSM will provide a timely briefing on the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science's work to grow high-productivity, globally competitive industries.


Dr Heather Smith PSM, Secretary, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Event overview

The strategy is for new competitive businesses with new markets to secure next phase economic development. Dr Smith explains the focus on science and commercialisation; business investment, business capability, business simplification; and what an agile economy is.

This briefing is by invitation only to CEDA Trustees. Trustees are senior leaders nominated by CEDA member organisations. At CEDA boardroom briefings Trustees hear from an informed, expert guest speaker in a private, small group setting. Invitations to boardroom briefings are a valued benefit of CEDA membership. Chatham House Rule applies.

Meet the speaker

Dr Heather Smith PSM
Secretary, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Dr Heather Smith has led economic and service portfolios in the Federal Public Service and held senior roles in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Treasury, Communications and the Arts, and Prime Minister and Cabinet. Heather holds a degree and PhD in Economics and has been visiting scholar at the Brookings Institution in Washington D.C.

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