A new federation: major research

A new federation: major research

Nov 6
In advance of the Federal Governments reform agenda CEDA's major research report for 2014 A Federation for the 21st Century examines the efficiency of our federation. At the report's release in Brisbane report contributors and business leaders will put their views on the operation of our federation; duplication; implications for public sector productivity; and how best the federation can be rebuilt.


Professor John Cole, Institute for Resilient Regions, University of Southern Queensland.
Jennifer Menzies, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Griffith University.

Event overview

"It seems to me that the time is close at hand when we ought to set about creating a great national Government for all Australia". Sir Henry Parkes, Tenterfield address, 1898.

Over a century has passed since Sir Henry Parkes made his famous Tenterfield address, first bringing the idea of an Australian federal constitution to the public. Review and reform that supports economic development is now timely.

Recognising the distinctive standing of Australian federal arrangements CEDA's report A Federation for the 21st Century examines:

  • The ideal federation in the 21st century;
  • The reform of government structures, services and regulations;
  • Commonwealth and state relations on funding, investment and infrastructure;
  • A path through the complexity of tied grants matters, taxation and fiscal equalisation.

CEDA research draws together the best minds on key issues of the day to inject new ideas into the policy debate.  At the release of each CEDA report, public events are presented in capital cities around the country. All attendees receive a printed copy of the research report.

Meet the keynote speakers

Professor John Cole
Institute for Resilient Regions, University of Southern Queensland.

Professor Cole has a PhD in Australian demographic history and is now the Executive Director of USQ's Institute for Resilient Regions. His report contribution provides critical analysis and historical context of Australia's federation. In his chapter, John considers major changes in Australia's federation, the drivers of centralisation and how our federation compares internationally.

Jennifer Menzies
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Griffith University.

Jennifer Menzies is a specialist in public policy and intergovernmental relations. She is a member of the Commonwealth Grants Commission and has served as Secretary for the Council for the Australian Federation. Currently at the Centre for Governance and Public Policy at Griffith University, Jenny's report contribution interrogates the culture of our federation.

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