Corporate engagement in social reform

Corporate engagement in social reform

Mar 20
The CEDA NSW Breakfast on the Run series returns in 2018 and welcomes Alex Greenwich to reflect on the role of community engagement and corporate support in progressing marriage equality in 2017.


Alex Greenwich MP, Independent Member for Sydney, Co-Chair, Australian Marriage Equality

Event overview

What is the role of corporate leaders and institutions in promoting social reform?

Recent surveys on trust emphasises that nearly two-thirds say they want CEO's to take the lead on policy change, instead of waiting for government.

Reflecting on the historic 2017 Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey which returned a 'yes' vote of 61.6 per cent, CEDA welcomes Alex Greenwich to speak on the significant role played by corporate Australia in backing marriage equality, and how the community was engaged in the political process.

The first event in the Breakfast on the Run discussion for 2018 will explore:

  • How to engage the community and mobilise a grass-roots campaign;
  • What are the community's expectations of corporate leaders with regard to promoting social reforms; and
  • Lessons learnt from the 2017 Marriage Equality 'Yes' campaign.

Meet the keynote speaker

Alex Greenwich MP
Independent Member for Sydney, Co-Chair, Australian Marriage Equality

Alex is currently the member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly  seat of Sydney since the 2012 Sydney by-election. Prior to entering politics, Alex was a prominent LGBT rights activist and the National Convenor of Australian Marriage Equality. As National Convenor, Alex was instumental in lobbying the Australian Bureau of Statistics to count same-sex marriages in the 2011 national census. He also organised over 44,000 submissions to be made to the 2011 senate inquiry into same-sex marriage, and continues to be a prominent activist for achieving same-sex marriage reform in Australia.


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