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2013 Big Issues survey results

Results of the CEDA/Business Spectator Big Issues survey for 2013 show that priority areas for the Federal Government should be enhancing productivity, competitiveness and innovation and taxation reform. Read more…


2014 Big Issues survey results

Results of the CEDA 2014 Big Issues survey of the business community show long-term policies around our future workforce, such as driving innovation, R&D and education and training, accompanied by taxation reform should be priorities. Read more…


Developing nations need more than words from G20 tax reform: Professor Kerrie Sadiq

Tax reform is squarely on the agenda for the G20 Brisbane summit in November. The current international tax regime is broken and it’s going to take significant effort on a global scale to fix it.
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Growing angst for short-term fixes: Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin

As the year draws to a close, CEDA's latest survey reveals the Federal Government needs to undertake a major rethink on innovation, R&D and its broad approach to education with angst growing in the community about the consequences for our long-term economic future if current policy directions are too focused on short-term fixes.
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State of the Nation: Why we need tax review for the 21st century

Professor Kerrie Sadiq discusses the need for tax reform and review following discussions at CEDA's 2015 State of the Nation conference in Canberra.
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SPEECH: Origin Energy, MD, Grant King

Speech delivered by Origin Energy, Managing Director, Grant King at a CEDA event in Sydney on 18 March, 2013. Read more…


"Tony Abbott will be the next Prime Minister"

The Prime Minister does deserve enormous credit for all of this [reform], but...if she loses the next election that credit will slip away as well because Tony Abbott will unwind it. Read more…


Taxation and Australia’s future prosperity - CCEP discussion papers (2013)

Taxation and Australia’s future prosperity was discussed at the CEDA Council on Economic Policy meeting in March 2013. Alan Kohler and Stephen Bartholomeusz from Business Spectator were the guest presenters at the March 2013 meeting. Two discussion papers and a summary of the meeting are available. Read more…


Australia needs buffers to prepare for economic shocks

Despite economic uncertainty, Australians and business should not withdraw from the world, but must ensure the country has buffers in place to deal with future shocks, Reserve Bank of Australia Governor, Philip Lowe told a CEDA audience in Melbourne. Read more…


Developing nations need more than words from G20 tax reform

Article by Professor Kerrie Sadiq on tax reform, as discussed in her recent chapter of CEDA's G20 report, originally published by The Conversation. "An often overlooked priority is ensuring developing nations benefit from the G20's tax agenda, she says. Read more…