Community pulse 2018: the economic disconnect


In June 2018, CEDA will release the results of its first nation-wide poll of community attitudes to growth and development.
To better understand community perceptions of and attitudes to growth and economic development, CEDA has commissioned its first poll about what the Australian public think the important issues are for their future and for the future of the nation. 

If Australia is to regain momentum for broad-based economic reform, then better understanding what the community really cares about is a vital first step.
In June, CEDA will release Community pulse 2018: the economic disconnect – the initial results from significant polling exploring Australians’ attitudes to work, education, health, community and the economy.
After 26 years of uninterrupted economic growth, how satisfied are Australians with their current circumstances? And what do they see as the most important steps that government, business and the community can take in making future economic growth meaningful to them?

Report launch and events

The results of the poll will be released at State of the Nation, held in Canberra on 25-26 June 2018. Learn more

CEDA will release state-based results in July at events across Australia. At these events new data will be presented to provide an in depth look at attitudes related to the state. Attend your local release event to hear expert discussion on the implications for policy, politics, business and the community sector.  

Melbourne | 3 July 2018
Brisbane | 20 July 2018

More events to be announced soon.

Upcoming research

Community pulse 2018: the economic disconnect, will be followed by Redefining economic success: connecting people with progress to be released in late 2018.

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