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Taxation and Australia’s future prosperity - CCEP discussion papers (2013)

Taxation and Australia’s future prosperity was discussed at the CEDA Council on Economic Policy meeting in March 2013. Alan Kohler and Stephen Bartholomeusz from Business Spectator were the guest presenters at the March 2013 meeting. Two discussion papers and a summary of the meeting are available. Read more…


Reinventing the Regions report - CEDA in collaboration with RDV (2013)

In March 2013 CEDA, together with Regional Development Victoria, released a report which documents the findings from the series of events held in 2011-2012 across Victoria. Read more…


2012 Big Issues survey results

The results of CEDA and Business Spectator's 2012 Big Issues survey have revealed that ensuring Australia is positioned to take advantage from the rise of Asia and the need for continued productivity improvement are the big issues confronting business, with significant implications for the Government's agenda. Read more…


The contribution of monopoly network service providers to electricity price rises in the NEM (2012)

Bruce Mountain, Director, Carbon Market Economics (CME) examines the outcomes, reasons and possible solutions to the price rises in the National Electricity Market. Released November 2012. Read more…


Video snapshots: Australia's Energy Options

Watch video snapshots from CEDA's Australia's Energy Options research series, including renewables and efficiency, unconventional energy, electricity prices. CEDA's major research project for 2011-2012, Australia's Energy Options, explored a range of issues in the energy space. Read more…


Australia’s Energy Options: Policy choice not economic inevitability

Read more…


Videos: The Australian Water Project

Watch videos from the Australian Water Project, Volume 2, The opportunity of crisis: A water reform agenda. This reform agenda was released in October 2012. Read more…


Australian Water Project - Additional chapters

As part of the release of Volume 2 in the Australian Water Project, a water reform agenda, CEDA is also releasing three additional chapters, commissioned as part of the Australian Water Project. Volume 2 in the Australian Water Project was released in October 2012. Read more…


The opportunity of crisis: A water reform agenda

Volume 2 in the Australian Water Project, The opportunity of crisis: A water reform agenda outlines recommendations to improve Australia's water policy. Volume two provides recommendations in three key areas: environmental, agricultural and urban water supply. Released October 2012. Read more…


Australia's Unconventional Energy Options

CEDA's policy perspective, Australia's Unconventional Energy Options, is the third publication in CEDA's Australia's Energy Options series. Australia's Unconventional Energy Options, reveals the economic opportunities and environmental challenges for unconventional energy in Australia. Released September 2012. Read more…


Total Pages: 15