Connecting people with progress: securing future economic development


In November, CEDA will release a research report which explores how we can realise better social and economic outcomes for Australians in the decades to come.
For a country that has been among the world’s most developed for almost 150 years, how do we agree on the best ways to make Australians’ lives better and sustain our progress? How do we make breakthroughs on longstanding economic and social problems that have not been addressed despite 27 years of continuous economic growth? How do we prepare for emerging challenges?

CEDA’s upcoming research Connecting people with progress: securing future economic development, explores ideas and thinking about how economic growth have made the lives of Australians better and how we can make the lives of Australians better in the face of rapid change and the changing expectations of the community.

In line with the findings from CEDA’s report on community attitudes to economic growth, this report will seek to connect the concept of economic development with people’s lives.

This report will seek to address:
  • How Australia has progressed and a snapshot of how Australians’ lives have been made better by economic growth;
  • Factors that have contributed to Australia’s sustained progress and where we have fallen short;
  • Future challenges that Australia will face and the aspirations of key community groups amidst those challenges; and
  • Priorities for making peoples’ lives better in the future.

Report contributions

This report will include contributions from:
  • Hugh Bradlow (President, Australian Academy of Technology & Engineering)
  • Peter Coleman (CEO and Managing Director, Woodside Energy Ltd.)
  • Andrew Dettmer (President, Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union)
  • Professor Atilla Brungs (Vice Chancellor & President, University of Technology Sydney)
  • Dr Liz Allen (Demographer, ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods)
  • Philip Davies (Chair, Australian Logistics Council)
  • Professor Anne Tiernan (Dean (Engagement), Griffith Business School) & Jerath Head (Research Assistant, Policy Innovation Hub)
  • Melina Morrison (CEO, Business Council of Cooperatives & Mutuals)
  • Professor Joe Graffam (Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research, Deakin University) & Jenny Crosbie, Research Fellow, Deakin University)
  • James van Smeerdijk (Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers)

Report launch and release events

Connecting people with progress: securing future economic development will be launched in Sydney on 12 November 2018, with events following in Brisbane on 27 November, Melbourne, Adelaide and at a Trustee event in Perth on 4 December 2018.

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