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CEDA releases Top 10 Energy Speeches 2007-17

CEDA has released a collection of speeches from 2007-17 on the CEDA stage that highlight the shifting course of policy discussions in the energy space. Read more…


CEDA 2018 report: data explosion changing Australia’s economy, policy makers urged to be on front foot

Data and analytics are transforming the global economy and the public and private sectors in Australia need to have a greater focus on the workforce, security and ethical implications, according to CEDA’s 2018 Economic and Political Overview (EPO) publication being released today. Read more…


CEDA Big Issues survey: responses divided on energy policy; changing housing taxation ranks high

Delivering secure reliable energy is more important than lowering the cost and environmental factors but opinions on the best energy policies to deliver this were divided, in CEDA’s 2017 Big Issues survey. Read more…


CEDA report: Globalisation backlash, cyber security threats to Australia’s prosperity

A backlash against globalisation, the rise of protectionist sentiment and concerns around cyber security and the future of global governance are key global challenges facing Australia’s policy makers and the economy, a new CEDA report has found. Read more…


CEDA Annual Report 2016-2017 and AGM

CEDA has released its annual report for the 2016-2017 financial year. Read more…


New CEDA CEO starts today

CEDA is delighted to welcome our new Chief Executive, Melinda Cilento. Read more…


CEDA housing report: Is it time to let go of the great Australian dream?

Housing affordability issues are likely to persist in some capital cities and could have longer term economic implications for Australia, while the issue of land supply needs greater focus, according to CEDA’s latest report, Housing Australia. Read more…


New CEDA CEO appointed

CEDA is delighted to announce the appointment of Melinda Cilento as CEO, effective from Tuesday, 3 October, 2017. Read more…


CEDA report: Brexit and Trump mean opportunities for Australia lie in Asia

The rise of protectionism in countries such as the US and UK means Australia needs to focus on increasing investment in emerging markets, such as China and India, CEDA’s latest report, Outbound investment, has found. Read more…


Announcement from the CEDA CEO

To all CEDA Members and Trustees, welcome back for what promises to be a prosperous and successful 2017. As some of you may know, my second three-year appointment as Chief Executive is coming to an end in March 2017, and, after much deliberation, I have decided not to seek a further term. Read more…


Total Pages: 6