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NSW: Let's revive to become number one state again

Reinventing the State of NSW Part 2 examined the State’s diverse sources of revenue. Read more…


Tax Forum 2011 - CEDA Chief Executive to submit priorities

CEDA Chief Executive, Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin, calls for a sovereign wealth fund as well as infrastructure investment and capital appreciation in his submission to the 2011 tax forum, as detailed in The Australian on the 29/09/2012. Read more…


CEDA report examines unconscious bias towards women in leadership

A new CEDA publication that examines unconscious bias against women in the workplace will be launched today in Melbourne by Federal Minister for the Status of Women, the Hon Kate Ellis MP. Read more…


Gender must stay on the agenda

The federal Minister for the Status of Women has warned business gender quotas are not off the table while launching a CEDA report on Women in Leadership. Read more…


Climate change plans: The best is designed to fade away

The best feature of the Government’s climate change plans is the one designed to disappear, taking with it the revenue to compensate households for cost of living pressures. By Nathan Taylor. Read more…


Gender targets still needed to give women a boost up the corporate ladder

Women should be prepared to be the “token woman” in leadership positions – and then deliver on the job, a panel of female business leaders has told a Women in Leadership forum, hosted by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA), in Adelaide. Read more…


National Water Commission calls on governments to stay the distance on their reform commitments

At a CEDA forum in Canberra, the National Water Commission has launched its third biennial assessment of water reform progress in Australia – The National Water Initiative – securing Australia’s water future. Read more…


More roads not the answer

Building more roads is not the answer to transport congestion, a CEDA forum in Queensland has been told. Read more…


NSW government outlines transport plans

The north-west and south-west rail link projects will be priorities under the NSW government’s transport plans and four transport agencies will be abolished to better streamline services, a CEDA forum in Sydney has heard. Read more…


Queensland Premier addresses Melbourne audience

The huge growth happening in Queensland will significantly contribute to the national economy, but there needs to be a more honest national discussion on the role of cleaner transitional fuels such as gas, Queensland Premier Anna Bligh told a CEDA conference in Melbourne. Read more…


Total Pages: 69