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Roxon and Wong: Building a sustainable health system

The community must get better at having discussions around healthcare issues, was the resounding message at a CEDA conference in Melbourne. Read more…


Arts sector could help transform business performance

Partnerships between business and arts organisations could potentially transform the way business is done, both in terms of profit and culture, a panel of executives from the arts sector has told a Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) lunch in Adelaide. Read more…


ENERGY: balanced discussion needed

Open and accurate conversation about fuel choices including renewables and Coal Seam Gas (CSG) is needed, Managing Director of Origin Energy has told a CEDA Energy series audience. Read more…


Get ready for China 2.0

Gear up and get ready for China 2.0 was the message from the Hon. Kevin Rudd MP at a CEDA event in Brisbane. Read more…


Australia and Japan: an important relationship

Despite the rise of China, Australia cannot afford to forget its relationship with Japan a CEDA forum in Melbourne has heard. Read more…


Businesses want certainty from Government

CEDA Chief Executive, The Hon Stephen Martin, talks to Peter Switzer from Sky News about economic policies and businesses concerns. Read more…


Is your business focussed on productivity?

Giving more meaningful work and flexibility is key to retaining older employees longer, attendees at CEDA's Recharging and raising enterprise wide productivity event heard. Read more…


Aged care issues set to be mainstream

Access to aged care services should be a right for older citizens the same as school is for 5-year old citizens, the 2011 Aged Care Review, convened by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) in Adelaide, has been told. Read more…


NSW: Let's revive to become number one state again

Reinventing the State of NSW Part 2 examined the State’s diverse sources of revenue. Read more…


Tax Forum 2011 - CEDA Chief Executive to submit priorities

CEDA Chief Executive, Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin, calls for a sovereign wealth fund as well as infrastructure investment and capital appreciation in his submission to the 2011 tax forum, as detailed in The Australian on the 29/09/2012. Read more…


Total Pages: 69