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Current housing reforms politically popular band-aid solutions

Demand side policies, such as increasing grants to first home buyers or allowing access to superannuation, are “band-aid solutions that might be politically popular in the short-term but will be ineffective in the long-run,” University of Sydney Associate Professor, Dr Judith Yates has told a CEDA audience. Read more…


Finkel Review presents great opportunity for Tasmania

The Finkel Review’s clean energy target presents a great opportunity for Tasmania, Tasmanian Minister for Energy; State Growth; Environment and Parks the Hon. Matthew Groom said at a CEDA event in Hobart on Australia’s energy future. Read more…


We need to look at cost of health care in broader context: Martin Bowles PSM

We need to move past the notion of health care costs and look at them in a broader economic context, Federal Department of Health, Secretary, Martin Bowles PSM has told a CEDA audience in Sydney. Read more…


Triple glazed glass ceiling will crack with cultural revolution

Achieving gender equality in Australia will require a cultural revolution, author and media personality, Tracey Spicer said at a CEDA Western Australia event on women in leadership. Read more…


Workplace health: employers need to engage staff curiosity

“Of course we can get the behavioral economic techniques right – like having to walk past the staircases to get to a lift – but if you can ignite people’s curiosity to their own health, then we’re far more likely to get engagement in the longer term”, Lend Lease Head of Workplace Health and Wellbeing, Duncan Young has told a CEDA audience in South Australia. Read more…


SON 2017: Opportunities aplenty in our future industries

Australia is a world leader in some areas of defence technology, and that’s where we should focus, not building whole ships or submarines for export, Federal Department of Defence Chief Defence Scientist and Head, Defence Science and Technology Group, Dr Alex Zelinsky has told CEDA’s State of Nation conference in Canberra. Read more…


SON2017: Defence needs cutting-edge technology

“While Australians in the past have thought that we were far removed from strife, we need to consider the sobering fact that we sit in the heavily militarised Indo-Pacific region,” Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon. Christopher Pyne has told CEDA’s State of the Nation conference in Canberra. Read more…


SON2017: Welfare reforms to focus on drug and alcohol issues

The current welfare system is not stringent enough in getting people off welfare and into work, Federal Minister for Social Services, the Hon. Christian Porter has told an audience in Canberra. Read more…


SON 2017: Using the NDIS as a political play thing is revolting

Using the NDIS as a political play thing is revolting, The Australian Greens Spokesperson for Finance and Trade, Youth, Schools, Early Childhood Education and Care, Arts, Education, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has told a CEDA audience at State of the Nation in Canberra. Read more…


SON2017: Treasurer advocates caution for housing budgetary measures

“Given around eighty per cent of Australia’s $2.1 trillion household debt is tied up in mortgages, it is important to tread carefully when tinkering with the housing market,” Federal Treasurer, the Hon. Scott Morrison has told a CEDA audience in Canberra. Read more…


Total Pages: 64