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Perth – university city: the great branding opportunity

In marketing Perth as a destination for higher education to international students, branding communication should focus on marketing Perth as the destination, rather than promoting the individual institutions, WA Minister for Education and Training, the Hon. Sue Ellery has told a CEDA audience in Perth. Read more…


Mid-year economic update: Reserve Bank of Australia

The Australian economy doesn't operate in isolation from the rest of the world, and this is also true when it comes to monetary policy, Reserve Bank of Australia, Deputy Governor, Guy Debelle has told a CEDA audience in Adelaide. Read more…


Don't waste this energy crisis

All players in the energy market need to move quickly and not waste the energy market crisis, AEMO Chief Executive, Audrey Zibelman said at a CEDA event in Victoria on Australia’s energy market outlook. Read more…


Queensland Government working to deliver and implement the next phase of economic plan, Queensland Minister says

The Queensland Government is working to deliver and implement the next phase of our economic plan to ensure we make the most of our natural resources and our skills, Queensland Minister for State Development and Minister for Natural Resources and Mines, the Hon. Dr Anthony Lynham has told a CEDA audience. Read more…


Service sector investment: we’re going to have to be picky

“If we’re going to bat above our weight, we’re going to have to certainly be very picky about what we’re good at in this very competitive age,” IBISWorld Founder and Director, Phil Ruthven AM has told a CEDA audience in Queensland. Read more…


Cyber security discussion has shifted from the server room, to the board room

The cyber security discussion has moved from the server room to the board room, from delivery to resilience, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security, Alastair MacGibbon has told a CEDA audience in Sydney. Read more…


Current housing reforms politically popular band-aid solutions

Demand side policies, such as increasing grants to first home buyers or allowing access to superannuation, are “band-aid solutions that might be politically popular in the short-term but will be ineffective in the long-run,” University of Sydney Associate Professor, Dr Judith Yates has told a CEDA audience. Read more…


Finkel Review presents great opportunity for Tasmania

The Finkel Review’s clean energy target presents a great opportunity for Tasmania, Tasmanian Minister for Energy; State Growth; Environment and Parks the Hon. Matthew Groom said at a CEDA event in Hobart on Australia’s energy future. Read more…


We need to look at cost of health care in broader context: Martin Bowles PSM

We need to move past the notion of health care costs and look at them in a broader economic context, Federal Department of Health, Secretary, Martin Bowles PSM has told a CEDA audience in Sydney. Read more…


Triple glazed glass ceiling will crack with cultural revolution

Achieving gender equality in Australia will require a cultural revolution, author and media personality, Tracey Spicer said at a CEDA Western Australia event on women in leadership. Read more…


Total Pages: 63