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ACT selling knowledge, ideas and experiences

“We meet at a time when there is more uncertainty about what the coming year will bring than perhaps any time in the last decade. (But) here in the ACT, we are projecting remarkable stability,” said ACT Chief Minister, Andrew Barr at CEDA’s Economic and Political Overview in Canberra. Read more…


We need to build skills not walls: Telstra CEO

An ongoing skilled migration policy is essential to attract and recruit the right talent and capabilities we need to transform and compete effectively on a global stage, Telstra Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Penn has told a CEDA audience. Read more…


WA to return to surplus sooner than expected, says Premier Mark McGowan

WA expects to have a substantial surplus a year sooner than originally estimated, WA Premier the Hon. Mark McGowan has told CEDA’s State of the State event in Perth. Read more…


Emissions levels have us on a cliff edge

Maintaining current rates of greenhouse gas emissions is like going over a cliff in economic and social terms and incredibly destructive, according to climate change expert Professor Mark Howden. Read more…


Australia Post CEO optimistic about future of work despite workforce and technological challenges

Speaking at a CEDA event in Perth, Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate said that the biggest challenge of running Australia Post is thinking about the future of the workforce. Read more…


Premier exalts buzz about Tasmania

Far from being an economic laggard, Tasmania is now leading the nation on many measures, according to Premier the Hon. Will Hodgman. Read more…


Outsourcing – the job creator

The only thing that creates over 95 per cent of all jobs is outsourcing, IBISWorld and Ruthven Institute Founder and Director, Phil Ruthven AM told a CEDA audience in Sydney. Read more…


Trust essential building block of economic prosperity: RBA Governor

There is an element of trust in all economic transactions. Without it, commerce can't flourish, Reserve Bank of Australia Governor, Philip Lowe has told a CEDA audience.  Read more…


South West Pacific poses challenges and opportunities for Australia

Australia is poised to reap the benefits of a growing Pacific region, with Queensland in particular identified as having the potential to develop closer economic links, according to DFAT First Assistant Secretary. Read more…


Economic success: connecting people with progress

CEDA Chief Executive Melinda Cilento presented our latest report in Sydney on 12 November 2018. Read more…


Total Pages: 72