CEDA member profile: Uber





Simon Rossi, General Manager UberEATs Australia, Uber

What does your company do?

Uber is a technology company that provides a smartphone application to connect its driver-partners with people who need safe, reliable and affordable rides. Uber has changed the way people move around their cities, with a ride from A to B available at the touch of a button.

Since we launched in Australia, millions of people have embraced ridesharing to move around their city, while over 20,000 driver-partners have access to flexible economic opportunities on their terms.

More recently Uber has been looking at ways to leverage its technology to connect people to new services, including the delivery of food, and we’re looking forward to bringing that service to Australian cities throughout 2016.

What is your role with the company?

Originally I was responsible for the growth of Uber in Victoria and Western Australia, I'm now leading UberEATs across Australia.  UberEATS is a service that delivers food from your favorite local restaurants. With the new UberEATS app that is coming to Melbourne initially, customers will have access to a broad selection of restaurants and food delivered anywhere, anytime.

What are your company's top priorities for the year?

Our goal is to make our cities better connected, more economically vibrant and more liveable places to be. Whether that’s helping someone get a safe, reliable and affordable ride from A to B, or connecting them to their favourite restaurants anytime, anywhere via UberEATs for example.

What are the benefits of being a CEDA member for your company?

CEDA brings together individuals and companies from diverse industries and background to discuss and debate some of the most important policy conversation happening across Australia. In the time Uber has been a member, CEDA has provided access to thought leaders, decision makers and valuable networking opportunities.

Throughout your experience with CEDA, what have you enjoyed the most?

Access to and inclusion in open discussion with Australia's business leaders and policy influencers.