CEDA member profile: HASSELL




Ingrid Bakker, Principal and Regional Manager, HASSELL  

What does your company do?

HASSELL is an international design practice with studios in Australia, China, South East Asia and the United Kingdom. We are a global team of architects, interior designers, landscape architects, urban designers, planners and specialist consultants, and work together in integrated design teams because they produce the best outcomes for our clients.

We believe that good design is about creating buildings and places that help our clients to meet their needs and objectives. It is also about the way people feel when they experience a sense of meaning, connection and belonging. Openness and empathy with our clients ensure their interests are at the heart of everything we design.

What is your role with the company?

My role within HASSELL is Principal and Regional Manager for Eastern Australia, this incorporates our Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide studios. I am passionate about architecture and interior design, and lead a range of commercial and workplace, residential, and infrastructure projects. As we are a truly international design practice, this work occurs across the globe and isn’t siloed to a particular region.

What are your company's top priorities for the coming year?

Our key goal is to reinforce the truly global nature of the practice. While we have close to 800 staff across 11 studios, we all work together as part of an international practice.

The continual delivery of high quality infrastructure and commercial projects, as well as higher education, transport and urban renewal projects, is also a particular focus for the coming twelve months.

Throughout your experience with CEDA, what have you enjoyed the most?

Some of my favourite experiences with CEDA have been the Women in Leadership lunches as I have always found the speakers to be informed and on point. Gender diversity is a hot topic at the moment and others are trying to hold similar events but they don’t always appear as genuine as the CEDA events. The Trustee boardroom briefings have also been enjoyable as a number of different people within our organisation have been able to take part. The Chatham House Rules that are enforced during these events allow for more in depth discussions and openness. 

Why is your company a member of CEDA?

We feel CEDA are always well informed and draw on the right experts around the topics that are of interest to us and our clients that help us keep informed and on top of current industry trends. CEDA also has a genuine interest in the liveability and prosperity of our cities which aligns with our company values.