CEDA member profile: G4S



Rachel Owens, G4S Strategic Development Director - Australia and New Zealand

What does your company do?

G4S is the largest and most diversified security solutions organisation in the world, we employ more than 618,000 people, operating in over 120 countries, with a global revenue in excess of $AU11.5 billion. In Australia and New Zealand we operate across two business lines:  Care and Justice Services and Secure Solutions. Care and Justice Services represents around 80 per cent of our revenue and includes the provision of services across multiple government jurisdictions to help create safer communities through police support services, prison operations, prisoner transport, electronic monitoring and non-emergency patient transport services. Our Secure Solutions business provides integrated security solutions to both government and the commercial sector protecting critical national infrastructure such as maritime and oil and gas facilities, as well as government and commercial buildings in all the major CBDs. We employ around 1800 staff across Australia and New Zealand with annual revenue of around $200 million.

What is your role with the company?

I'm the Strategic Development Director across Australia and New Zealand. My role is to develop the strategic business plans for the company, which includes identifying new markets, sectors and development of our existing markets. As part of my role I am responsible for developing strategic client relationships across state and federal government and the commercial sector, I also engage with community partners to create strategic partnerships and develop our corporate social responsibility plans. I lead the marketing, sales, business development, project management and commercial functions to ensure that we execute our strategy to deliver growth. I work closely with colleagues in the Asia Middle East (AME) region to provide expertise, advice and bid management support for strategic and complex tenders as the centre for excellence in bidding for G4S in the AME. I've worked with G4S for almost seven years, starting out in the UK in our Care and Justice Business and moving across to Australia in 2011.

What are your company's top priorities for the coming year?

  • Leverage our global capability and expertise in key sectors including police support services; prisoner transport and youth services to drive cost effective outcomes for the outsourcing of public sector services.
  • Develop our Care and Justice footprint in new markets Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory and New South Wales.
  • Develop the Secure Solutions brand in the commercial and aviation sectors in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Enhance our current partnerships with the research community to support the development of innovative service delivery models specifically in the justice system.

What type of CEDA activities (events/topics/research areas) matter most to you and your company?

We currently engage with CEDA through a range of topical events and Trustee boardroom briefings primarily with a focus on government strategy and future development opportunities. Over the past 12 months we have sponsored State of the State events across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria and have attended a variety of CEDA series events including the Women in Leadership series and industry based topics such as transport and infrastructure - particularly relevant for our Secure Solutions business.  Moving forward we see an opportunity for our global subject matter experts to get involved in CEDA events and share insights with other CEDA members.

How does CEDA help your company to achieve its agenda?

G4S look to provide our clients with integrated solutions to key issues that they are facing, whether that's in the justice sector seeking innovative programmes to reduce recidivism and create safer communities, the commercial sector to create risk-based solutions to better protect our critical assets and in overall to provide these solutions in the most cost effective and efficient manner. CEDA provides G4S with a forum to engage with other thought leaders and decision makers in both government and the commercial sector, with subject matter experts that ensure lively and topical debates about some of these issues in Australia, providing G4S with a platform on which to share our experiences and ideas on solutions that will contribute to a healthy economy in Australia.