CEDA member profile: Allens


Stephen Spargo, Partner,

What does Allens do?

Allens is a leading international law firm with partners, lawyers and corporate services staff across Asia and Australia, and a global network spanning 39 offices and 28 countries.

What are Allens' top priorities for the year?

Our first priority will be to continue to provide outstanding service to our clients, including 55 of the world's, and more than 75 of Australia's, top 100 companies. A cornerstone of this service is our global alliance with Linklaters. In particular, we will be entering the second year of our Asian energy, resources and infrastructure joint venture with Linklaters, and our Indonesian joint venture with Widyawan & Partners and Linklaters. The further development of our alliance to meet the needs of our clients will be a key objective for our practice this year.

How does CEDA assist Allens achieve its agenda?

CEDA's focus on the Australian economy and its future, and the debate CEDA leads on the material economic issues facing Australia enables our lawyers to better understand issues confronting the particular industries in which our clients operate.

What type of CEDA activities matter most to you and your company?

Presentations at CEDA functions both large and small involving experts and leaders in industry sectors of particular relevance to the firm's practice areas, together with CEDA's high-quality research publications. These activities help raise our lawyers' awareness of the business issues affecting our clients for the short and long term.

What has been your favourite CEDA event?

CEDA's annual dinner addresses made in recent years by Mr Glenn Stevens, the Reserve Bank of Australia Governor, have been very interesting events, especially having regard to the focus brought by the Governor on the need to improve Australia's productivity by investing wisely and not wasting the benefits of our recent very favourable terms of trade.