The Xenophon surge in South Australia

Nick Xenophon's return to South Australian politics could be a gamechanger in the forthcoming state election. Flinders University College of Business, Government and Law Senior Lecturer, Dr Rob Manwaring examines how the X Factor might influence the election result.  Read more…

01/03/2018 | Dr Rob Manwaring | 0 Comments

Cost of living prominent in SA election

South Australia's election will likely be fought over high energy costs, the state of the health sector and hospitals and cost of living issues. Michael O'Neil examines the economic and social priorities for an incoming government.  Read more…

27/02/2018 | Associate Professor Michael O'Neil | 0 Comments

China's ambitious plans to reshape global trade

China's Belt and Road Initiative provides opportunities for Australian businesses with expertise in infrastructure, writes Martin Tricaud.  Read more…

25/01/2018 | Martin Tricaud | 0 Comments

Innovation should be celebrated not hidden as an elephant in the room

Following his speech to a CEDA event in December 2017, Bill Ferris provides insights into the National Innovation 2030 Strategic Plan. Read more…

18/01/2018 | Bill Ferris AC | 0 Comments

Australia, Canada and the TPP

Hugh Stephens examines implications for Australia from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's no show at the planned announcement of the revised Trans Pacific Partnership.  Read more…

11/01/2018 | Hugh Stephens | 0 Comments