Australia needs harmonised, simplified provision for retirement

Australia needs taxation policy that moves us toward a harmonised and simpliefied system of provision for retirement, writes Professor Susan Thorp. Read more…

05/10/2018 | Professor Susan Thorp | 0 Comments

What is the right retirement or pension age for Australia?

The recent Australian Government decision to axe a plan to increase the pension age to 70 has prompted discussion on just when or how Australians should access a pension. Considering how the pension age should be determined, Dr David Knox writes that pension eligibility should be linked to life expectancy.  Read more…

27/09/2018 | Dr David Knox | 0 Comments

The benefits of flexible workplaces: From intuition to evidence

While flexible work arrangements are increasingly desirable for employees, many employers remain reluctant to offer workplace flexibility, fearing it will harm productivity. But a study by Nous Group has found flexible work can bring significant bottom-line benefits. Tanya Smith explains.  Read more…

21/09/2018 | Tanya Smith | 0 Comments

We need to stop punishing the unemployed

Raising the Newstart payment would ensure the scheme delivers on its purpose – providing an adequate safety net for people at a time of need, writes CEDA Chief Executive Melinda Cilento. Read more…

17/09/2018 | Melinda Cilento | 0 Comments

Raising the Rate would boost economy

On the release of their Deloitte Access Economics report for ACOSS modelling the impact of a $75 per week increase in Newstart payments on the nation's economy, Ben Guttmann and Chris Richardson write such an increase would benefit the least well off in Australia and provide a boost to the economy.  Read more…

17/09/2018 | Ben Guttmann and Chris Richardson | 0 Comments