Another Tenterfield needed to drive reform: Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin

With the 125th anniversary last Friday of Henry Parkes's oration calling for the formation of an Australian federation and the federal government's Reform of the Federation white paper process under way, we need another Tenterfield moment to engage the imagination of Australians about what our federation should look like in the future.
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27/10/2014 | Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin | 0 Comments

Developing nations need more than words from G20 tax reform: Professor Kerrie Sadiq

Tax reform is squarely on the agenda for the G20 Brisbane summit in November. The current international tax regime is broken and it’s going to take significant effort on a global scale to fix it.
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22/08/2014 | Professor Kerrie Sadiq | 0 Comments

The more things change the more they stay the same: Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin

Whenever a report or inquiry into Australia's financial system is announced or released, I am struck by an almighty sense of deja vu. And so it is with David Murray's interim report tabled this week.
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18/07/2014 | Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin | 0 Comments

Australia's economy will suffer if we fall behind on climate action: Martijn Wilder AM

Australia’s economy faces grave threats from climate change, but the greatest threat is if we do not make a serious effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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18/06/2014 | Martijn Wilder AM | 0 Comments

Why climate change has everything to do with economics: Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin

This month it was reported the Prime Minister had suggested climate change was unlikely to be discussed at the G20 leaders' summit because the summit had an economic focus. And apparently Mr Abbott was seeking to draw together a coalition of like-minded leaders to sustain this view.
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18/06/2014 | Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin | 0 Comments