Australia must break the cycle of disadvantage-incarceration-disadvantage

Disadvantaged Australians are overrepresented in the country's prisons. Facing stigma and barriers to re-entering society, a high number of ex-prionsers re-offend and are returned to prison. Deakin University's Professor Joe Graffam outlines the measures needed to break this cycle of disadvantage and incarceration.  Read more…

20/04/2018 | Professor Joe Graffam | 0 Comments

Workplace inequality starts sooner than you think

We know we have a workplace inequality problem. But do we know how early it starts? asks Tracy McLeod Howe.  Read more…

20/04/2018 | Tracy McLeod Howe | 0 Comments

VET's role in mitigating disadvantage

Supporting disadvantaged students is central to the future of Vocational Education and Training in Australia, writes Kristen Osborne.  Read more…

20/04/2018 | Kristen Osborne | 0 Comments

Blockchain: How to approach a proof of concept

There's a lot of hype around Blockchain technology and its potential impact on business and society. In this blog, Ian Renwood examines the impact of Blockchain and what organisations should bear in mind when looking to apply Blockchain technology to their industry.  Read more…

17/04/2018 | Ian Renwood | 0 Comments

ASEAN Summit Wrap: Australian businesses wasting our region’s opportunities

PWC Australia CEO Luke Sayers reflects on the ASEAN-Australia Business Summit CEO Forum and the opportunities the ASEAN region holds for Australian businesses. Read more…

26/03/2018 | Luke Sayers | 0 Comments