Low-skilled job seekers facing barriers to work

A recent study by Anglicare Australia into the job market for those facing the greatest barriers to work has found a shortage of low-skilled entry-level jobs with large numbers of candidates competing for each position. Kasy Chambers explains.  Read more…

14/11/2018 | Kasy Chambers | 0 Comments

The rise and rise of Asia's cities

The mega cities of Asia and their leaders may well come to shape the rules of Australia's neighbourhood with significant impact on Australia's foreign policy, write Susan Harris-Rimmer and Charuka Ekanayake. Read more…

08/11/2018 | Charuka Ekanayake and Associate Professor Susan Harris Rimmer | 0 Comments

The house price fall we had to have

With house price falling and auction clearance rates as low as those seen in the GFC, there is some concern of an impending house price collapse. But according to Chris Richardson and Alex Hooper of Deloitte Access Economics, the drop in house prices against the backdrop of a strong economy is good news.  Read more…

31/10/2018 | Alex Hooper and Chris Richardson | 0 Comments

Australia tops global wealth rankings

While many Australians feel they are not as well off as they used to be, the latest Global Wealth Report from Credit Suisse ranks Australia the world leader in median wealth per adult. Michael Marr explains.  Read more…

30/10/2018 | Michael Marr | 0 Comments

More than trade: Driving business engagement in Asia

The value of closer trade ties with Asia is now widely accepted by Australian business and continues to drive a relentless focus on FTAs by government. But there’s so much more to do, writes Asialink Group CEO, Penny Burtt. 
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24/10/2018 | Penny Burtt | 0 Comments