Speaking loudly and carrying a bullhorn: America and global governance in the age of Trump

Dr Matthew Laing examines the first 250 days of the Trump Presidency as he challenges the prevailing media narrative of this new radical President, contending that, while the new President may have "ruffled many feathers," substantive action has yet to be taken. Read more…

12/11/2017 | Dr Matthew Laing | 0 Comments

The Belt and Road Initiative: understanding the geopolitical and geo-economic logic of China’s “New Silk Roads”

The Belt and Road Initiative provides China an unprecedented opportunity to achieve economic, political and military ambitions through this all-encompassing initiative, writes Dr Michael Clarke. Read more…

12/11/2017 | Dr Michael Clarke | 0 Comments

Impact of China on commodity exporters

Dr. Aripta Chatterjee compares the effects of a slowdown in China and the USA on commodity exporters.  Read more…

12/11/2017 | Dr Aripta Chatterjee | 0 Comments

Collaboration benefits outweigh the risk

Industry and academia can achieve great things when they collaborate. And they should do it more often, writes John Finlay-Jones. Read more…

02/11/2017 | Professor John Finlay-Jones | 0 Comments

Energy efficiency

Australian industry could do more to raise Australia’s standing on energy efficiency, writes Advisian Principal Consultant Natasha Sinclair. Read more…

01/11/2017 | Natasha Sinclair | 0 Comments