Economic reform as a result of crisis is not what we need: Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin

Political capital and courage is what Australia desperately needs right now as economic conditions tighten.
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13/02/2015 | Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin | 0 Comments

A taxing debate - Don’t punt reform

Fixing Australia’s fiscal imbalance will not happen by nibbling at the edges of reform.
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12/02/2015 | Nathan Taylor | 0 Comments

Higher education reforms - reflections on 50 years of change: Professor Michael Barber

Australian higher education is certainly facing change. However change is not something new to universities. Professor Michael Barber explores 50 years of change in higher education including the current reform agenda.  
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19/01/2015 | Professor Michael Barber | 0 Comments

Welcome to the CEDA blog

It is with great pleasure that CEDA is today launching its new blog  which aims to contribute to CEDA’s ongoing commitment to encourage public policy debate and to harness the ideas and influence of leading thinkers.
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16/01/2015 | Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin | 0 Comments

Growing angst for short-term fixes: Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin

As the year draws to a close, CEDA's latest survey reveals the Federal Government needs to undertake a major rethink on innovation, R&D and its broad approach to education with angst growing in the community about the consequences for our long-term economic future if current policy directions are too focused on short-term fixes.
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10/12/2014 | Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin | 0 Comments