Turing and the TPP: Intellectual property, public health and access to essential medicines

The dispute over Turing Pharmaceuticals AG and Daraprim is an important cautionary warning in respect of some of the dangers present in the secret negotiations in respect of the TPP.
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01/10/2015 | Dr Matthew Rimmer | 0 Comments

In search of desirable workplace relations model for Australia

Professor Paul J. Gollan and Dr Ying Xu examine potential use of European workplace relations models in the Australian system.
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14/09/2015 | Professor Paul J. Gollan and Dr Ying Xu | 0 Comments

What's really at stake if China FTA falls through

In this post, originally published on The Conversation, Professor Peter Dixon and Professor Maureen Rimmer discuss the China Australia Free Trade Agreement. A more detailed version of this paper will be published by CEDA in Global networks: transforming how Australia does business which will be released on 9 November 2015.
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10/09/2015 | Professor Peter Dixon and Professor Maureen Rimmer | 0 Comments

The impact of stock market volatility on retirement benefits

Associate Professor John Evans outlines the impact stock market shocks can have on retirement income and superannuation.
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08/09/2015 | Associate Professor John Evans | 3 Comments

Funding your retirement: the role of life annuities

To coincide with the launch of CEDA’s research The super challenge of retirement income policy, Professor Susan Thorp discusses life annuities and options for funding retirement.
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01/09/2015 | Professor Susan Thorp | 0 Comments