We need to stop punishing the unemployed

Raising the Newstart payment would ensure the scheme delivers on its purpose – providing an adequate safety net for people at a time of need, writes CEDA Chief Executive Melinda Cilento. Read more…

17/09/2018 | Melinda Cilento | 0 Comments

Raising the Rate would boost economy

On the release of their Deloitte Access Economics report for ACOSS modelling the impact of a $75 per week increase in Newstart payments on the nation's economy, Ben Guttmann and Chris Richardson write such an increase would benefit the least well off in Australia and provide a boost to the economy.  Read more…

17/09/2018 | Ben Guttmann and Chris Richardson | 0 Comments

Moving into gear - transport and logistics industry overview

Australia's $100 billion transport and logistics industry faces a shortage of qualified personnel and increased technology disruptors. The changing landscape has implications for how the industry is resourced and more widely, the way the sector does business, writes Partner and Head of Transport and Logistics at Ferrier Hodgson, Ryan Eagle.  Read more…

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The future of work: Tips for better work design and collaboration

As most jobs are being reinvented to adapt to new technology, people will remain organisations' critical assets. Julie Harrison and Lauryn Girgenti of Deloitte write this requires better and different ways of working.  Read more…

06/09/2018 | Lauryn Girgenti and Julie Harrison | 0 Comments

The challenges and opportunities of the NDIS

The Benevolent Society’s Executive Director, Disability, Jo-Anne Hewitt, notes that the NDIS provides a massive opportunity to elevate the position of people with disability in our society. But governments and NGOs need to work together to resolve the problems emerging in the scheme. And, she writes, it is not in anybody's interests for this scheme to fail. Read more…

22/08/2018 | Jo-Anne Hewitt | 0 Comments