Lessons learnt from the 2016 Census

Prior to his upcoming CEDA address on 12 September on the 2016 Census, Australian Bureau of Statistics Chief Statistician, David Kalisch gives a preview of the discussion, sharing insights on leadership in the public sector and lessons learnt from the 2016 Census experience. Read more…

24/08/2017 | David Kalisch | 0 Comments

What will the energy mix in Australia look like in five years?

Advisian Asia Pacific Director of Energy and Water, Matt Robinson looks at what Australia’s energy mix will look like as the country transitions from a high emissions industry to one that integrates renewables to a much higher level. Read more…

07/08/2017 | Matthew Robinson | 0 Comments

Is Australia prepared for the cyber battle?

IBM Security Services (ANZ) Business Unit Executive, Glen Gooding discusses the investment in human capital needed to overcome the growing threat posed by hackers and data breaches. Read more…

11/07/2017 | Glenn Gooding | 0 Comments

Investing in infrastructure in far north QLD to drive public benefit

Ahead of CEDA’s Queensland Economic Development Forum, NAIF CEO, Laurie Walker discusses the potential opportunities to grow communities and create employment opportunities in northern Queensland. Read more…

29/06/2017 | Laurie Walker | 0 Comments

Improving productivity in the accounting sector

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand Ethics and Sustainability Leader, Karen McWilliams provides an overview on productivity in accounting services. Read more…

26/06/2017 | Karen McWilliams | 0 Comments