We're starting to give up on the ideal of Australia as a nation of equals

One of the most significant findings to emerge from the work of behavioural economists is that human beings would rather go without than be treated unfairly, writes Dr Simon Longstaff. Read more…

23/04/2018 | Dr Simon Longstaff AO | 0 Comments

Low socioeconomic status increases levels of chronic disease

Rosemary Calder examines how geographical location aligns with risk factors for preventable chronic disease.  Read more…

20/04/2018 | Rosemary Calder AM | 0 Comments

Australian millennials' incomes examined

Contributing author to How unequal? Insights on inequality, Professor Peter Whiteford, explains that Australian millennials' incomes have grown more than baby boomers and millennials in other countries.  Read more…

20/04/2018 | Professor Peter Whiteford | 0 Comments

To reduce inequality in Australian schools, make them less socially segregated

Contributing author to How unequal? Insights on inequality, Laura Perry writes educational inequality in Australia takes many forms and can stunt the potential of young people. She suggests early, targeted and intensive support to students as soon as they start to fall behind and making our schools more socially integrated are the keys to tackling underachievement.  Read more…

20/04/2018 | Dr Laura Perry | 0 Comments

Income inequality costs us all

When some members of society face financial hardship brought about by low income, there are flow-on effects across the whole community, writes WCOSS Chief Executive Officer, Louise Giolitto.  Read more…

20/04/2018 | Louise Giolitto | 0 Comments