Australia tops global wealth rankings

While many Australians feel they are not as well off as they used to be, the latest Global Wealth Report from Credit Suisse ranks Australia the world leader in median wealth per adult. Michael Marr explains.  Read more…

30/10/2018 | Michael Marr | 0 Comments

More than trade: Driving business engagement in Asia

The value of closer trade ties with Asia is now widely accepted by Australian business and continues to drive a relentless focus on FTAs by government. But there’s so much more to do, writes Asialink Group CEO, Penny Burtt. 
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24/10/2018 | Penny Burtt | 0 Comments

Australia needs harmonised, simplified provision for retirement

Australia needs taxation policy that moves us toward a harmonised and simpliefied system of provision for retirement, writes Professor Susan Thorp. Read more…

05/10/2018 | Professor Susan Thorp | 0 Comments

What is the right retirement or pension age for Australia?

The recent Australian Government decision to axe a plan to increase the pension age to 70 has prompted discussion on just when or how Australians should access a pension. Considering how the pension age should be determined, Dr David Knox writes that pension eligibility should be linked to life expectancy.  Read more…

27/09/2018 | Dr David Knox | 0 Comments

The benefits of flexible workplaces: From intuition to evidence

While flexible work arrangements are increasingly desirable for employees, many employers remain reluctant to offer workplace flexibility, fearing it will harm productivity. But a study by Nous Group has found flexible work can bring significant bottom-line benefits. Tanya Smith explains.  Read more…

21/09/2018 | Tanya Smith | 0 Comments