Global governance and the Asia Pacific region: from the margins to the centre

Associate Professor Susan Harris Rimmer, analyses the current situation of global governance in the Asia Pacific region as well as an outlook for the future. Read more…

12/11/2017 | Associate Professor Susan Harris Rimmer | 0 Comments

Skilling Australia’s cyber security professionals

Professor Jill Slay examines a key problem within the cyber security field; how to train and educate the cyber security professionals of Australia. Read more…

12/11/2017 | Professor Jill Slay | 0 Comments

Australia and global security

Dr Benjamin Zala analyses three major security challenges for Australia, the decline of US primacy, China’s transition to a global superpower and the new global nuclear order.  Read more…

12/11/2017 | Dr Benjamin Zala | 0 Comments

The shifting sands of free trade in a less than liberal order of global economy.

Dr Giovanni Di Lieto analyses the potential ramifications of President Trump’s 2017 Trade and Policy Agenda paper and the four priorities it contains.  Read more…

12/11/2017 | Dr Giovanni Di Lieto | 0 Comments

Speaking loudly and carrying a bullhorn: America and global governance in the age of Trump

Dr Matthew Laing examines the first 250 days of the Trump Presidency as he challenges the prevailing media narrative of this new radical President, contending that, while the new President may have "ruffled many feathers," substantive action has yet to be taken. Read more…

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