Income inequality costs us all

When some members of society face financial hardship brought about by low income, there are flow-on effects across the whole community, writes WCOSS Chief Executive Officer, Louise Giolitto.  Read more…

20/04/2018 | Louise Giolitto | 0 Comments

New evidence to break the cycle of educational disadvantage

There is a clear link between low-socioeconomic status and poor education and employment outcomes. But it doesn't need to be this way according to research from the Smith Family. Head of Research and Advocacy, Anne Hampshire explains.   Read more…

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Education inequality is costing Australia billions

The Public Education Foundation estimates that educational inequality is costing Australia billions. Executive Director David Hetherington explains, costs will continue to climb as Australia's most disadvantaged students fall further behind.  Read more…

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Australia must break the cycle of disadvantage-incarceration-disadvantage

Disadvantaged Australians are overrepresented in the country's prisons. Facing stigma and barriers to re-entering society, a high number of ex-prionsers re-offend and are returned to prison. Deakin University's Professor Joe Graffam outlines the measures needed to break this cycle of disadvantage and incarceration.  Read more…

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Workplace inequality starts sooner than you think

We know we have a workplace inequality problem. But do we know how early it starts? asks Tracy McLeod Howe.  Read more…

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