Mark Cully


Mark Cully is a member of the CEDA Council on Economic Policy, which comprises some of Australia's best and brightest policy minds, and guides CEDA's research agenda.
Before joining the Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education in 2012, Mark was Chief Economist at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and while there he chaired the OECD's Working Party on Migration.

Mark was appointed head of research on employment relations for the UK Government in the late 1990s, where he ran what was the world's largest survey of working life, the results of which were published as Britain at Work. Mark returned to Australia to join the National Institute of Labour Studies as Deputy Director, and was then General Manager at the National Centre for Vocational Education Research for six years, running its statistical and then research operations.

Mark has an Honours degree in Economics from the University of Adelaide and a Master of Arts in Industrial Relations from the University of Warwick.

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