International network


CEDA is a member of an international network of independent, public policy organisations that share knowledge and research.

CEDA's reach goes beyond Australia. CEDA is a member of an international network of counterpart organisations. CEDA uses these international affiliations to inform our agenda and also provide international perspectives and knowledge to our members.

Member organisations of the international network of counterpart organisations include:

Australia Committee for Economic Development of Australia
China China Institute for Reform and Development
Finland Finnish Business and Policy Forum (EVA)
France Institut de L'Entreprise
Germany Centre for Economic Studies - IFO Institute
Japan Keizai Doyukai
Latin America Consejo Empresario de América Latina
Portugal Forum de Administradores de Empresas
South Africa National Business Initiative
Spain Círculo de Empresarios
The Netherlands SMO Society and Enterprise Foundation
United States Committee for Economic Development

Annual conference

Each year the network holds an international conference to discuss major policy issues affecting all the member countries. CEDA sends a delegation each year, and CEDA members can attend.

Paris, France 2013
The 2013 conference was hosted in June by Institut de L'Entreprise. The theme for the 2013 conference was How companies are changing the world - Meeting the challenges of the 21st century. Read speech delivered to the conference by CEDA Chief Executive, Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin.

Paris, France 2012
Preparatory meeting hosted in October by Institut de L'Entreprise.

Brasilia, Brazil, 2011
CEAL hosted Enterprise and Entrepreneurs in the Americas in 2022, which examined topics on the integration of the Americas, business internationalisation, and competitive strategies in global markets and regional blocks.

New York, US 2010
The Commitee for Economic Development hosted the annual Conference of Private Business Organizations at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York from 30 November to 1 December 2010. Delegations from Europe, Latin America and Asia participated in sessions on the role of fiscal responsibility in economic recovery and rebalancing in the United States and around the world.

Johannesburg, South Africa 2009
The National Business Initiative (NBI) and Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) co-hosted the conference on the topic, Is business a trusted social partner? Responsible Leadership for Sustainable Growth and Development.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia 2008
This conference, hosted by CEAL, explored the confluence of free market economies and social inequality.

Sydney, Australia 2007
CEDA hosted an international conference on climate change, featuring climate change economic experts Dr Robert Mendelsohn and Dr Robert Shapiro from the United States and Professor Warwick McKibbin and Brian Fisher from Australia.

Madrid, Spain 2006
A conference on the ageing population hosted by Spanish counterpart Círculo de Empresarios.

World Competitiveness Yearbook

In addition to the international network of counterpart organisations, CEDA is also the Australian partner for the Switzerland-based IMD World Competitiveness Center's annual World Competitiveness YearbookReleased annually in May, it compares and ranks 60 counties on a range of business competitiveness criteria.